Fish Cribs

LGIA has obtained another 5 year permit for 50 more cribs. On the average 10 cribs will be built per year. Crib dimensions are 4′ x 4′ x 3′ and made of rough cedar wood. We sink the cribs with 50 lbs. of concrete blocks inside and place 2 cribs per location with written permission from the lake lot owner. They choose the depth (minimum of 10 feet) and location in front of their property. The purpose of the cribs is to provide protective habitat for forage fish (cedar boards are approx 2 1/2 inches apart). The cribs also provide structure to enhance Lake Gogebic’s natural lake bottom.

In addition to the LGIA Fish Crib project, the Lake Gogebic Chapter of Walleye’s For Tomorrow place Perch habitat in Lake Gogebic. The purpose is for Perch to drop their spawn on the needles of the trees. Clumps of (6 to 8) evergreen trees are stood up vertically using gunny sacks filled with rocks and tied to the bottom of trees. This occurs as soon as ice goes out and there are typically 6 to 8 locations each year in approx. 10 feet of water. The same pontoon platform is used for both the Evergreen Habitat and the Fish Cribs.